Scene Safety
By Field Supervisor Cort Adams
May 20, 2017

Last night, units in Harford County responded to an overdose call. During the process of caring for the patient, both EMS and HCSO responders were exposed to an unknown substance, developed symptoms, and were taken to a local facility for treatment and/or evaluation.

By now, you have likely seen reports from around the country where responders have similarly required treatment for exposures to substances they encountered while caring for their patients.

Now, more than ever, I urge you to utilize full BSI precautions when in the field and to pay close attention to your surroundings, especially on scenes where potential exposures are more likely to occur. Pay close attention to each other and look for dangers that may harm you or your crew.

I thank all responders, both career and volunteer, that selflessly continue to put their lives and well-being at risk to care for the citizens and visitors of Harford County.

Be safe.