Darlington to host STAT Medevac Training
By Field Supervisor Stacey Holden
November 7, 2019

On Thursday November 14th, STAT Medivac will be coming to the Darlington Volunteer Fire Co to practice some "Field" landings and patient loading's to meet Maryland Training requirements as well as familiarize some newer STAT employees with operating in the field away from Fixed landing zones.

STAT is planning on starting around 08:00 and are planning at least two landings, loading's and takeoff's. If time allots they may do more.

All are welcome to attend and see a different type of aircraft and way of doing things.

If you have any questions please contact Chief Sam Sauers of DVFC at the contact information below.

Training Location:
Darlington Vol. Fire Co.
2600 Castleton Rd.
Darlington MD, 21034

Point of Contact:
Sam Sauers, Chief