Change to Pediatric Needle Decompression Thoracostomy Site
By Field Supervisor Stacey Holden
February 20, 2020



The needle decompression site for PEDIATRIC patients (under 15 years of age) has been changed to the second (2nd) intercostal space, at the mid-clavicular line on the anterior chest wall.

The needle decompression site for patients age 15 and older remains unchanged, namely the fifth (5th) intercostal space at the anterior axillary line (preferred) or second (2nd) intercostal space at the mid-clavicular line (backup if the 5th intercostal space is not available).

Please find a copy of the revised protocol attached: p. 257, Indications, (3) Allowable site, (b) Children under 15 years o f age; this section contains the only change from the prior protocol.

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Attachment Memo-NDT-Pediatric-Protocol-Change-20200214.pdf  (531k)